FashionSupport 15

FashionSupport 15

Therapeutic Liquid Footbeds

Improve the way you stand of walk. A liquid flows through patented, anatomically designed control channels, ensuring directional stability during walking or standing. An unsurpassed walking experience that no other footwear can match!

Instructions: Please read instructions carefully before use and clean your shoes from any sharp objects. Leaflet is enclosed. Liqua Care should be firmly worked into your shoes so that they lie flat and snug; with the sizing information facing downwards. Each insole covers two sizes: trim toe area as needed for perfect fit. Do not cut below the lower line in the forefoot region, nor trim width. If too wide, use a smaller size.

Liqua Care® contains a highly viscous liquid. The flow of liquid distributes your body weight over a larger area on your feet, while enabling the small foot muscles to move. This stimulates the venous pump function, reducing pressures, soreness and aching feet.

Liqua Care® is a medical device scientifically tested to provide pressure relief and improved venous return.

249,95 kr.

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